Effective Tips to Control Bad Breath in Cats

Effective Tips to Control Bad Breath in Cats

Expecting minty-fresh smell from your cat’s breath is like a dream. However, if your cat’s breath gives off an extremely strong foul odour, then there can be underlying medical reasons behind it. Cats are prone to bad breath too if proper care is not taken just like dogs.

Halitosis or bad breath can be caused due to many reasons. Most commonly it is caused by the build-up of bacteria in your cat’s mouth or can also be due to oral and dental diseases. It is something that should not be ignored.

Here is how you can deal with your cat’s bad breath and prevent any serious complication.

Brush its Teeth

Brushing is still the primary measure that prevents plaque and tartar build-up and keeps teeth healthy. Thus, in order to prevent your cat from having foul smelled breath, it is important that you brush its teeth every day. There are special toothpastes available for cats and do not end up using your toothpaste. The fluoride present in human toothpaste can upset your furry friend’s stomach as they do not spit it out.

Use Breath Fresheners and Mouthwash

There are several products available in local pet stores that help in eliminating foul smells in pets and you can consider using one of them. However, it is best if you take advice from your vet and rely on her recommendations when buying one of these.

Proper Diet

Bad breath can also be caused due to indigestion problems. It is really important that your cat gets to eat a proper balanced diet every day. Make sure that it drinks a lot of water as well, given the fact that cats hate water. Avoid canned and raw food. Home cooked food and dry food are the best choice.

Chew Toys and Dental Treats

Dental treats available these days are known to prevent bad breaths and tartar and the same holds true for chew toys as well. These serve as supplement to dental care and consult your vet regarding their safety as far as the brands are concerned.

Regular Visit to the Vet

Visit your vet regularly to ensure that there are no medical complications behind your cat’s bad breath. Also ensure that the vet monitors your cat’s teeth and breath when checking its health.

You can talk to the vet about a diet that can prevent bad breath or even ask about home remedies that can prevent the same.

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