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Kitty approved ❣️

I now am the proud owner of two Petree automatic self cleaning cat litter box and one other type automatic litter box. The Petree automatic self cleaning cat litter box is, paws down, the house favorite 😻 I think it’s because it’s easier for them to get in to and use.we have four cats that vary in weight from 9 pounds to 22 pounds and all use it easily.


I love these automatic kitty boxes. I can't believe I waited so long to get these. I've always hated scooping kitty boxes and I've always had cats so I wasn't good at keeping them clean. This has been life changing. It feels so good to know my cats always have a clean kitty box now!!

Great litter box

I love this litter box but wondering if the bigger bin would fit this before I order one?

No more worries

My cat has been very anxious lately with our newest dog, and as a result has been messing on the carpet. I hated the idea of using a manual litter box again, so went looking for an automatic one.
So far I have no complaints. My cat uses the device no problem. The smell seems mostly contained, much more than I expected. I can go days without emptying the trash can and not notice. Hopefully I get many years out of this litter box!


The cats love it. I think they just go in sometimes so they can watch it rotate

Petree Thick Waste Bag
Mary Reynolds
Petree is the BOMB!!

I so love the Petree litter box. This makes the whole cat waste issue easy and painless. The Waste Bags are fully functional & strong. No accidents.

My cat loves it, huge game change for me! So much better!


This was a Christmas gift. Have not ssn it in action yet

Petrie curtain

I love it!! It gives the cats privacy as well as keeping it closed.

Hello! I love my liter box but desolately need a new liner? When will they be available?

Love it

We have 2 cats and it is easy to use and doesn't get stinky

Petree automatic cleaning cat box

I love my Petree automatic cleaning box. I should have gotten it years ago. My cats love it too! I've told other cat owners about the Petree automatic cleaning cat box. I just love it!

Worth the money, but curtain addition is needed

This product is so worth the money. It’s easier clean up, quiet and efficient. However, it is a little messy because of the litter splashing out as the device turns to clean. But they do have an attachment curtain that I would recommend purchasing with the product. Also, adding in the litter is a little tougher than I imagined and you do have to make sure you press the button quickly two times so it knows you’re adding litter (otherwise the weight sensor can be inaccurate). But those are seriously just minor things. Both my kitty and I love this product!! She hated the pellet litter bc it didn’t mask the smell (despite it saying it would, lol) and she peed outside the litter box all the time. But this product fixed that problem up instantly! Definitely worth it!

Do this for yourself

I do a lot for my cats, and now I did this for myself. I had a friend suggest this - the wifi version, then gently prod me into getting it. I love this so much! I wish I would have known this years ago. It has made my life so much easier, and my cat's love it! Didn't take them long to get used to it - even the very skittish one. Money very well spent!

Works wonders

This litter box is so quiet and works great.

Awesome Litter Box

After my kitten got past playing in it and I got it running properly I love it. I think Lil Red does too. Easy to empty. I am sure it will not be as easy to deep clean but you take your losses with your wins

no more scooping!

I remodeled my kitchen and did not want the mess and smell of a litter box. I purchased the Petee Cat Litter Box along w/accessories including the Curtain. The curtain is durable, attractive and attaches to the Litter Box opening easily & securely. A good enhancement to the base product.

Quiet and mostly efficient

So far the movement is quiet and litter moves easily through the system. I have notice more in clumped litter in the storage bag which was unexpected. I have three cats and the only one not freaked out by the turning is the kitten. Have had to keep a second box for the other two cats. At least until I can get them to be okay with the new box. It is a work in progress. Hoping they all get more used to this soon

So far so good

I’ve had the litter box for about two weeks and it works well. My cat took to it right away. Very quiet

Petree XL Waste Bin

Works good. Still fills w/one cat but can be assured not to overflow between cleanings.

Don’t even hesitate!

I have wanted an automatic litter box for the longest time but wanted to make sure I invested in the right one. This brand & model is perfect. So easy to set up & change. What sold me was being able to buy replacement parts like the inner liner & a larger disposable area. My cat’s transitioned with no problem & they are very picky cats! Also shipping was so fast!

Made my life so much easier!! No smell
I love it


Super quiet. Makes my life so much easier. My overweight cat fits inside with no problems.

Petree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

I had a Robot Automated Cat Litter Box before and after about 4 years of great use, it just quit working. I decided to try The Petree because of the lesser cost and high reviews. So far it works great. The container for the discarded litter is smaller than the drawer on the Robot, bit I just have to change it more often. It was a good buy.

Life saver

Works like a charm. It does discard clean litter though.