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It's a great product so far. I pull the bag about every 4 days. I receive a text letting me know its full, which is wonderful!! Not as much litter on floors bc of the pad in front of box. I do recommend!!

They work every time no problem with them

Catch litter bags

The bags are perfect. I just wish they came in a bigger bulk quanta .

Game changer!

We have 6 cats and I was really worried these wouldn't work, or the cats wouldn't use them, but it has been smooth sailing! The Petree is really good - wide opening for all my cats, works extremely well,the wifi notifications are great, use way less litter than normal, and makes like so much easier. You will NOT regret buying this! Go for it!

So quite.

Our cats live this Petree litter. Sometimes they trigger the just so they watch it work. Wish I would have bought this years ago.


Very good product. I have 3 adult cats and it makes clean up quick and easy.

Petree Thick Waste Bag

3 cats

Got this liter box for our 3 cats. Loved it so much that we just ordered another one. Great product.

So quite

Surprised at how quite this unit is. My cats love it! The first 2 days they would go in and out, just so they could watch the drum turn.

Works wonders! I do however need to get myself the bigger litter pan, my one letterbox is used by my 3 cats, so a bigger one will hopefully prevent me from going through a bag a day lol. Would definitely recommend this to other cat parents!


Good so far!

love it, Love it, would buy another if you had any more

Great cat litter box, My cats prefer it

Perfect for when I’m out of town a few days.

I am pleased with the amount of waste it holds. I empty it every 3-4 days

Petree Solid Silicone Pads
Rosemary McCormick

I was wondering what would happen when the bottom failed. I was glad to learn I could order a new one. It came fairly quickly. You Tube showed me how to install the pad and it was up and running in no time. Very easy intuitive install. Love this product!

Petree XL Waste Bin 7 Litres
Johanna van der Laan

I have 4 cats and I holds enough that I'm not cleaning it everyday

I can only hope that Petree do not brake a ny time soon, I am very pleased with t he product.

Works very well

I think this litter box has worked very well so far !

Petree litter robot

I will say it is very quiet! It does a decent job. If I had to change some thing, it would be the waist drawer. It is very difficult to close.
Not is user-friendly as the Litter Robot but definitely less money if you don’t want to spend the extra money.

Amazing !

It is worth every penny . Life changer . Works amazing . Highly recommend . So impressed that the litter is always dry . This is a must ! U wont regret it !

Petree Solid Silicone Pads
easy replacement

after 2 years my agressive waste burying cats got fine holes. We ordered a replacement came fairly quickly easy to install and they are back watching their robot. Wish I could afford a second one they love it so much sometimes there is a line even though there is a old style box in the basement.

Kitty approved ❣️

I now am the proud owner of two Petree automatic self cleaning cat litter box and one other type automatic litter box. The Petree automatic self cleaning cat litter box is, paws down, the house favorite 😻 I think it’s because it’s easier for them to get in to and use.we have four cats that vary in weight from 9 pounds to 22 pounds and all use it easily.


I love these automatic kitty boxes. I can't believe I waited so long to get these. I've always hated scooping kitty boxes and I've always had cats so I wasn't good at keeping them clean. This has been life changing. It feels so good to know my cats always have a clean kitty box now!!

Great litter box

I love this litter box but wondering if the bigger bin would fit this before I order one?

No more worries

My cat has been very anxious lately with our newest dog, and as a result has been messing on the carpet. I hated the idea of using a manual litter box again, so went looking for an automatic one.
So far I have no complaints. My cat uses the device no problem. The smell seems mostly contained, much more than I expected. I can go days without emptying the trash can and not notice. Hopefully I get many years out of this litter box!


The cats love it. I think they just go in sometimes so they can watch it rotate