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Best purchase

Don't put it off. It's life changing!

Best purchase ever

This litter box got here lightning fast, was SO easy to set up and my cat adapted right to it. Can’t tell you enough how much of a game changer this is in our lives - she gets clean litter every time and I don’t have to worry about cleaning it!! Plus it’s quiet as can be and even if she goes during night the litter being sifted sounds like an hourglass or even the ocean, and it’s totally noninvasive.

Works great!

Our box works great! The 2 cats took to it right away, but we ended up having to use a small stool for one of them cause they couldn't jump into the box for some reason. We no longer have that cat smell around the house and it's super quiet! I don't realize it's cleaning till I get the notification that it's done

My cats are jerks

But this litterbox is great. Recommend getting the bigger drawer (2 cats full the standard drawer in 2 days), and yes, that drawer sticks. But it’s nothing a little force doesn’t fix. Also, my cats have figured out if they smack it mid shifting, they can knock litter out of it.

Easy breezy

Cleaning my kitty box is so easy! My kitty loves to watch it clean...Monica

Petree Automatic Self Cleaning 3.0 Cat Litter Box

Great litterbox

Nice and compact for smaller spaces. Cats enjoy it.

Petter cat auto litter box

It is very cool item to have. I am happy with it. I messed up at beginning, because I put littler in box without set in sleep mode. I wish menu could be more clear and with bolt letter or special letter to get the first user attention. I used different litter, it was too light for rotating. People should use bentonite litter for this machine. Only one thing I don’t like is after rotating litter, litter lays on bottom is not leveled, more towards to back and some area in front exposed which my cat didn’t like it. But she uses it right way, no problem or worries. Overall, it is very good one. Thanks.

Petree Auto self cleaning cat litter box

it is wonderful!! I love it! make my life easy! look nice! no smell. I am recommending that 100%!!!

Love quiet will probably be purchasing another

Best Investment I've made in awhile

I don't know how I lived without this litter box! We've had it for a few months now and it's life-changing for us and the cats. My husband has bad knees and my lower back has been going for quite some time, so we're not have to be constantly scooping cat litter. Minimal to no odor with the deodorizers (I just changed them after 3 months) I have to change the bags an average of every 3 days with two kitties. They both took to it right away. I love that the Wi-Fi lets me know when it's time to change the bag. Worth every penny of our investment.

Replacement liner

The liner I ordered fit the petree automatic cat box just perfect. 5 screws a bit difficult to remove and reinstall. However, the LR I had before this one, was a lot more disassembling than this one. It's pretty simple really. Thanks

Treat your cat and yourself

Treat your cat and yourselfThis is the best product I’ve ever seen on the market for a cat and the person who skips a litter up as well

Saves Me Time

Let's me go a few days without emptying, and keeps smell down for a 5 cat household. Highly Recommend.

Petree Thick Waste Bag
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Time Saver and Efficient

I just got the cat box, large waste bin and mat, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It saves me time, it controls the odor by automatically dumping into enclosed bin, and it's quiet. I have 4 cats, varying in size and age and they all have warmed up to it, they like a clean box. Highly Recommend, well worth my money.

2022 Petree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Works great

What can I say? Easy set-up. Cats began using it minutes after setting it up. Had it almost 3 weeks and nothing negative to report

So far so good

I've had the Petree box for a bout a month, and so far I am very happy with it. It's very quiet, and does a great job scooping all the clumps solidly. I have 4 cats, and they all adapted to it very easily. I clean it about once a day. I really love that I can recycle plastic shopping bags to line the waste drawer. My only real dissatisfaction (and it's very small) is that I struggle getting the waste drawer in & out, and sometimes this results in spillage from the drawer getting on the floor or out of the bag and into the drawer itself. Again, not a deal breaker. We are very happy with the box and hope it continues to work as well as it has.

It's a great purchase

I really love it. I just wish it would tell you when the bin was full or litter is low. Other than that it helps with litter smell amazingly.

I purchased one of these for my two cats and one for my daughters two cats absolutely love this product! This is the best litter box ever! I love that you can use regular litter it took me a while to find the best litter that clumps the most but the more the litter can clump the better this litter box works it’s fairly easy to clean but an absolute best product I’ve ever purchased!! I would definitely recommend to a friend

It works great

I think it's great. It has made my life much better and my cats. I have a very picky cat who wants a clean litter every time she goes or she will potty on the floor right next to it. This litter box has gotten rid of that problem completely. I gave it a 4 stars just because I wish it would let you know when it was full.

So far so good!

Ordered the auto egg chillx, completely broke within a week. Had to pay $100 to give it back.

Ordered this one, price point a bit higher but overall quality product.

Cats are getting used to it. I must have filled to much as it would dump litter after each use. I took a lot out but still has been doing it. Think it’s my error and not the machine itself. Otherwise live it.

it is working well!

i used it for 5 weeks now, so fa so good!
it has quiet sounds when clean the litter.
accept any kinds of clumped litter.
cats like it.
customer service is good, promptly responded if you have any questions.
trash bag is in back so not very convenient to open and close.

in general, it is a good litter box, i recommended it.