Frequently Asked Questions

How many cats can use the Petree Litter Box?

We recommend 3-4 cats per Petree Litter Box. If you have one cat, you’ll clean the waste drawer once a week. If you have two cats, you’ll clean the waste every 3-4 days. If you have 3 cats, you’ll clean every 1-2 days.

Will the globe start turning when my cat is inside?

No it will not turn when your cat is inside. Our patented cat protection system will detect your cat presence once your cat is inside the globe.

What if my cat won't use the Petree Litter Box?

First we recommend you follow our training guide to help your cat get used to our Litter Box. If your cat won’t use our Litter Box after multiple attempt. Feel free to follow our return process since we give you 30 day money back guarantee return policy with us.

How often do I need to empty the waste drawer?

As rule of thumb, you’ll clean waste drawer once a week if you have only one cat. Then you’ll clean waste every 3-4 days if you have two cats. If you have more than 3 cats, you’ll have to clean the drawer every 1-2 days.


Does the Petree Litter Box require special litter?

No, the Petree Litter Box simply requires clumping litter. We recommend a high-quality, standard-weight, clay-based clumping litter. Some silica gel litter beads and crystals can also be used with the Petree Litter Box, as long as they pass through the screen. Alternative, plant-based litters may also work, but these tend to form looser clumps that can cause condensation in the waste drawer. When using a plant-based litter, we recommend emptying the waste drawer and cleaning more frequently. Litters that do not work in the Petree Litter Box are the strictly absorbent, non-clumping or loose-clumping litters, newspaper-based litters, and absorbent wood pellet litter.

How much litter do I put in the Petree Litter Box?

There’s a max line inside the globe that tells you how much litter you can put inside of the globe. Normally 7-10 pounds of litter will do each time.

How often should I change the litter in it?

You can change the litter according to your needs. If you have one cat, you can change it once every two weeks, and for two cats, you change it once a week.

Will the Petree Litter Box eliminate all litter box odor?

No, Petree Litter Box will not remove all odors. However, the waste is removed and contained the the waste cabin, which will significantly reduce the litter odor in your room. Beside, we have a carbon filter placed close to the carbon cabin so it can filter out the bad smell and mold brought with cat litter. While Petree Litter Box is very effective with the odor control, the overall level of odor also depends on the amount of cats, the type of litter you use, how frequent you change the drawer and your cat’s diet.

Does Petree Litter Box require special garbage bags?

No, it does not require special garbage bags. Any regular garbage bag will do. Meanwhile our package comes with one pack of garbage bag that you can use for up to 3 months.

I have a big cat. Will he (she) fit in without any problem?

The space inside the Earth is 67L. If your cat is 450 mm or less, from neck to hip, then your cat can use Petree.

How much can the dustbin hold?

According to our tests, Petree's bins can hold up to 4kg of cat waste up to four days.

What if my cat tries to get in when Petree is in self-cleaning mode?

The gravity sensor will detect that your cat is in and the self-cleaning mode will stop immediately. Petree will continue to self-clean after your cat leaves.

When my cat does his business, he often likes to scratch the containers. Is the soft silicone base strong enough or replaceable if needed?

Yes, we found in our tests that some cats like to scratch the rubber bowl, and we replaced it with a harder and thicker material to prevent the cat from damaging it.