Petree Litter Boxes


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Ma be the best purchase I’ve ever made!

Definitely useful! This thing is a dream come true… makes my life so much easier


That is the really good litter box. I highly recommend it.

Love this cat box

This is wonderful liter box and very well made. Works just like advertised and reviews helped me alot more scooping cat poop. 💩 would buy again.

Petree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Time saver!

So glad we decided to get this litter box. My granddaughter has two cats and it has saved us money, time and there’s no litter box smell!

Great but stopped working after 7 months

This litter box worked fantastically for the first 6 months. I would want to give it 5 stars but it stopped working after 6 months.
It did exactly what is should and I was very pleased with it. Unfortunately it started stopping in random places during the cleaning cycle, resulting in my cat either making a mess in the bowl or just outside. I have emailed petree more times than I can think of with no response. I am at the point where I am just going to throw it away. There no point having a self cleaning litter box if you have cycle the device yourself 4-5 times for it to get in the correct position.
My biggest frustration is the silence from any of the emails I have sent. I even have an account and have purchased replacement bags but still have had no response from the “contact us” though my account I have with them.
Looking for another manufacturer with some sense of after sale responsibility

Hi alki,
please use your own email, and send your questions to us

we'll help you. thank you.

Petree Thick Waste Bag


I was kind of expecting this to be a flop, or to scare my cat. I’m not used to life improvement products actually working. But it’s very much functional. My cat seems fine with using it. She’s even deemed it clean enough to lay down in like a bed. That being said, she also decided it’s a toy, so I’ll probably get one of the curtains for it so she won’t make a mess trying to play with the falling litter. Very glad it came with the litter catcher mat for that.

Petree XL Waste Bin 7 Litres

This is a great litter box. I have 2 cats and they have no trouble using it. At first they were a little confused because when they finished potty it would start cleaning process. Now they just sit and watch it.

Awesome Purchase!!

Only wish I had got one of these sooner!!! Saves litter and is much cleaner for my home! My cats (2) were a little put off at first. The trick is to put it in sleep mode for the first few days until they get used to it. I just run it when I get home daily and collect the clumps for disposal each day. Think about it, your cats aren’t wandering around in their excrement and tracking it all over the home now. I also spray a little Lysol in the litter as it churns. I feel better about them being inside cats now. Also, I am not using near the amount of litter I was using before.

I Like it

Regardless of the bucket in the back I really like the little autolitterbox
The bucket in the back can be a bit stubborn to go back in it's home

Excellent Litterbox

Did take 3 weeks to receive and shipping was very slow. Came packaged great, no damage. Just pulled it out of the box and set up. It came with a large litter mat, trash bags and clear instructions on how to operate. Took 5 mins to set up. The litter box is fairly large and all 3 of my cats use it without a problem. It is very quite in cycle mode and has a nice digital screen that lights up at night for the cats to see. There is no odor and the box stays clean. I use ultra lightweight kitty litter and I just wipe the sides with cleaner as the box cycles once a week to keep it tidy. I fill the litterbox every few days with litter and change the bin daily with 3 cats, it is good size bin. Would recommend this litter box for the price.

I had to keep one litter box

I love I just wished I could afford two . They poop in one and owe in the other . I’m not sure which cat won’t go to just the one .

Well done product!

I am happy so far with Petree Litter Boxes, work well and no issues.

Petree Thick Waste Bags

The Petree Thick Waste Bags are worth the money as far as keeping the odor contained. I have 2 cats using the Petree Litter Box and when its time to replace the bag I removed the used one, tie it in a not and there isn't any odor. They are thicker than normal bags which prevents them from tearing and keeps the unwanted smell out. I highly recommend you use them.

Love it!

The litter box works just as it says. Came in a timely manner. Easy to set up. My cats used it right away. Both cats use the same box since it is always clean. Love it!

My Best Buy ever

You can’t go wrong when you buy the Petree liter box. I have had mine for over a year and love it. Only wish I had more cats so I could purchase the new model.

Not your ordinary litter box!!!

I had been searching for a litter box that would be easy to clean as well as easy on the budget and what I found has been a life changer. The Petree litter box was more than I wanted to spend but having it a short time I realize I spent my money wisely. My cats love it to where they want to watch it go around, my kids love that they don't have to scoop the contents and the fact you open the back, pull the bag out, replace with a new bag and replace the collector bin, this is definitely something I would buy over and over again. Well worth it if you have a busy lifestyle.

I love this litter box

This is my first automatic litter box and I really love it. It works perfect for me and for my cat. The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t have an easy way to empty the box. It is easy to wash but the hard part is get it empty.

Works great

Works great, very happy with product. Would recommend.

Wonderful Device...

Truly this cat box is wonderful! At times it will NOT automatically spin though.

Petree Cat Litter Pad
Natalya Parachshuk


Cute Litter Box Curtain

It’s a good quality liner curtain and does cut down in dust and odor but one side kept coming off. The sticky Velcro stuff didn’t stick too well and one of my cats was messing with it. He has since stopped and I was able to fix it with more 3m tape. Think it would be better if they clipped on or fastened somehow more securely but for now, they’re up.

Works Great

Wish I had bought this sooner. I have 3 cats. Two took to it fine. Third one is more skittish but I have seen her in it. My middle cat likes to play with it too much so I usually put it in Sleep mode and turn on when I think it’s dirty. I later bought the curtain to help cut down in the dust but one kitten kept tearing one side off. I have since fixed it with another 3M tape. Worth the money.

Excellent cat litter box

We received the item quickly, easy set and no issues. Quite machine and takes up less space compared to litter robot.