How To Choose Cat Food?

Cats are often times hard to please when it comes to food.  They never know if they want hard food, soft food, or both at the same time.  A lot of cats like to have their car food mixed.  How do you find out the type of cat food is right for you your cat?  It is basically a guessing game.  Get yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning and make it a cat food day.  You are basically going to spoil your cat rotten by bringing home an array of different cat foods for them to try.

First, you need to look up the top 10 cat food brands that are purchased by consumers.  Out of those 10 brands of cat food, you need to pick 3 that you are going bring home for your cat to try.  Read the reviews on each of the top 10 selections to help you make a better choice for the 3 types of cat food that you will bring home.  You will have to get 3 brands of wet cat food and 3 brands of dry cat food in order to find out exactly what this little kitty is going to want to eat.  Grab the smallest can or bag of each.  This will prevent you from spending a lot of money on cat food that your pet might not even end up eating.

Next, give your cat the food to eat.  Make sure you give the cat food to them one brand at a time.  Doing this will help you determine which cat food they get most excited about.  After they have tried each brand of cat food, set them all out at once.  You will really find out which brand they like best when you see which one they run to in order to eat it first.  Maybe they will end up liking all of them so then it won’t even matter what brand of cat food you buy.

Once you find out the brand of cat food that they find tasty, you have to find out what flavors they enjoy.  This is basically going to be a trial and error situation.  You’ll probably be annoyed at this point because you have to go to the store again.  Just remember, this process is almost over.  Plus, you did dedicate this day to cat food.  When you are at the store you need to find the section with the brand of cat food that your feline friend liked the most.  Choose 3 different flavors of that brand and bring them on home.  I would definitely go with chicken or tuna as one of your three cat food flavors.

Lastly, bring all of the flavors of the wet and dry cat food home.  Test them all out by putting each one out at different times.  You’re going to be repeating the steps of the first part of this process of finding cat food.  Once they have shown which flavor they enjoy the most, you are finally free from the cat food craziness.  This will make feeding your cat and shopping for cat food a lot easier now!

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