2 Awesome Styles of Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to use that wretched cat litter scoop anymore? Well these days you don't have to with the invention of automatic litter boxes. These cat litter boxes are awesome they take all of the chore out of cleaning up after your cat. There are many different types and styles of these boxes on the market today and they all vary in pricing. Let it be known now though that these boxes are not cheap, but when you are talking about never having to use a kitty litter scoop again, I believe they are worth every penny. I am going to list 2 Awesome Styles of Automatic Cat Litter Boxes that should give you a little bit of clarity about what is out there.

Rake Style Electric Cat Litter Box

Rake Style Electric Cat Litter Box
One of the really innovative styles on the market today is the rake style. These boxes have sensors in them that detect when the cat enters and leaves. After a predetermined amount of time (commonly ten minutes) the unit will send its rake across the litter which effectively clears the box of the waste. It is scraped into a removable receptacle that is easily disposed of or emptied.

Turning Automatic Cat Litter Box

Turning Automatic Cat Litter Box
There is another type of automated box on the market the cleans by spinning very slowly. Some of these units are totally enclosed and might not be great if your cat has issues with being in enclosed areas. Others though aren't. I am particularly impressed with the mode of operation for a particular model that spins very slowly and move the wast up a little conveyor belt into a waste receptacle, effectively keeping the litter always fresh and clean. The enclosed container also keeps the odors down.

Petree Litter Box is a Turning Automatic Cat Litter Box, it's the highest-rated, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. Never scoop cat litter again while giving kitty a clean bed of litter for each use. It is also suitable for multiple cats (3-4 cats) and big cats (like 20lb).
  • Design: Low CG design keeps the system stable and upright. Prevents toppling over even with heavy weight shift.
  • Safety Stop: Globe stop rotation if sensor detects a cat entering the globe during mid cycle 
  • Pet Proof Cable: Durable micro-braid power cable built to withstand pet bites and chewing.
  • Litter Volume Indicator: Allows user to check their litter level and refill as necessary
  • Elevated Sifting System: Petree’s patented sifting system funnels waste clumps to the back waste bin.
  • Raised Pedestal: Raised pedal keep loose litter within the litter box minimising litter tracking
  • Waste Bin: Waste is funnelled to back of globe and housed in a 4L covered waste bin
  • Odor Control: Activated carbon filter and Waste Bin Lid prevent litter odor from spreading out into the open
  • Electronic Display: Easy to operate single button electronic display
The price is significantly compares to other self cleaing litter box

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