Are Automatic Litter Boxes Making Traditional Litter Boxes Obsolete?

Just like everything else, cat litter boxes are evolving from the simple rectangular pan filled with kitty litter to large, covered, electronic devices that comb through the filler automatically after your pet has exited the box with the help of a sensor. These automatic litter boxes are quickly replacing their traditional competitors that have served cats so faithfully and are really all that they need. However, since today's consumer is constantly looking for ways to make his or her life easier and hassle-free, the automatic litter box has become an instant hit. The question is: are automatic litter boxes making traditional litter boxes obsolete, and is that a good thing or not? In order to answer that question we need to understand the needs of a cat as well as a cat owner, and what each of these types of litter boxes can provide for both pet and owner alike.

The Cat:

Cats naturally excrete in soft or sandy soil so that can easily and neatly bury it. This is part of what makes having a cat as a pet so great. However, they still need a dedicated spot for them to relieve themselves so as not to be relieving themselves wherever they please, even if it is neatly in your backyard. This is how the original cat litter box was invented. The filler-filled cat box simulates a cat's instinctive desire with a loose, granular material that absorbs the moisture. Once, a litter box was made from wood, today it is made from plastic and serves the same purpose. Once the cat has relieved itself, and has buried its feces and urine, it leaves the cat box area. If the cat litter is changed often enough, the cat has everything it needs. Some cats seem to want or need privacy, and so there are covered cat boxes that can be found. However, if someone is not around to change the cat litter often enough, or if the cat relieves itself often, an automatic cat litter box can be a help since it rakes the litter, cleaning it right after the cat has relived itself.

The Owner:

Most people want to have as little hassle as possible when it comes to pets, and anything for that matter. That is why automatic litter boxes such as the line of Petree automatic litter boxes are so popular these days. At the same time, these litter boxes are only suitable for cats over six months of age. These litter boxes may keep the kitty litter clean at all times and make taking care of the litter box easy; however, it does not come cheap. There are many brands that manufacture automatic litter boxes and the prices vary but they are significantly more expensive than traditional cat litter boxes. Busy pet owners can certainly use automatic litter boxes since they demand very little work and care.

The Cost:

As mentioned earlier, automatic cat boxes are more expensive than traditional ones. It seems though that consumers are willing to pay the extra money in order to get the best for their pet cats and for themselves as well. Not only does the automatic litter box cost more, but so does the premium filler that these boxes require. One of the most popular brands for automatic cat boxes is Petree.

More and more cat owners are purchasing automatic self cleaning litter boxes since they are easier to keep clean and more pleasant to have in the house. Even the steep prices don't seem to be stopping individuals from investing in a more advanced and complex litter box for their beloved pets.

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