How Does Self Cleaning Litter Box Work?

Automatic Litter Boxes Are a Great Solution for the Busy Pet Owner, How Does Self Cleaning Litter Box Work?

Automatic self cleaning litter boxes rely on a power source to rake through your cat’s waste and dispose it into a waste bin based on a set time program.

You can set the timer to scoop between 5-20 minutes after your cat has left the box (depending on the model), which is quite convenient. Semi-automatic boxes scoop on their own terms, meaning setting the timer is not possible.

As for non-automatic or manual self-cleaning litter boxes, although they scoop on their own, you do need to roll or sift them in order to remove the waste from the bin.

Generally, automatic self cleaning cat litter boxes have a receptacle beneath or at one end of the box itself. A mechanical rake moves through the litter and sifts out your kitty’s waste products, depositing it into the receptacle. Odors are contained in the receptacle until you empty the receptacle by some sort of enclosure or top. 

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One of the best things about an automatic self cleaning litter box is that it’s one less thing to worry about. Whether you are super-busy with work/school, away from home often or just hate daily scooping, a self-cleaning litter box can make your and your cat’s life tidier and nicer without extra effort.

How Does Self-Cleaning Litter Box Work

How Does Self-Cleaning Litter Box Work

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