Scoop Less Poop With An Automatic Cat Litter Box

Cat owners would readily attest to the joys of pet ownership. But when it comes to the litter box, there is little joy. Luckily there is one solution that will have you spending less time bending over the litter box - The Automatic Cat Litter Box.
Scoop Less Poop With An Automatic Cat Litter Box
The automatic cat litter box can be a cat owners best friend. That is because it eliminates the need for the pet owner to regularly clean up the litter box.

The automated cat litter box is a modification of the ordinary cat litter box, that is a simple box containing litter where the cat is supposed to deposit its urine and stool whenever it needs to.

Because the automatic or electronic cat litter box is the modern version of a conventional simple tool, do not be surprised that it is electrically operated. Currently, there is a number of manufacturers that make automatic cat litter boxes, and each product boasts of different features that aim to topple the current products in the market.

Automatic vs. traditional cat litter box

Needless to say, there are features that are present in the automatic version and not in the traditional one. That is because the automatic cat litter box is already a modern-day modification of the old cat litter box.

However, several cat owners still prefer the old cat litter box for many reasons. One, the old cat litter box does not require electricity, thus, it would function even if there is a power interruption.

Second, the traditional cat litter box is economical and cheaper. It is also less costly to maintain. The traditional cat litter box consumes less space compared to the modernized version, and can be easily bought in the market.

In contrast, there are far more advantages in getting the automatic cat litter box. For one, because it is electrically operated, there is no need for manual efforts in maintaining the device.

For instance, the traditional old cat litter box needs to be cleaned of waste clumps at least every other day. The automatic cat litter box does not require often scooping of waste clumps to separate waste and clean litter. It is recommended that the owner of the automatic version just replenish the litter every 30 days.

The automatic cat litter box de-clutters itself of the waste clumps consisting of urine and stool. There is a special sifting process performed by the machine that makes the task for itself rather than needing the pet owner to scoop out those clumps.

Such sifting process automatically starts once the machine detects the need for de-clumping. Some owners fear that the machine may start the sifting process while the cat is still inside, making the elimination activity traumatic for the cat.

But the truth is, the automatic cat litter box is smart that it can detect the presence of the cat prior to the sifting process.


The automatic cat litter box may be more costly compared to the traditional counterpart. But the savings the pet owner would generate from using the machine.

The device does not require too much electric consumption, and the notion that it consumes a significant amount of power to raise your utility bill is a misconception.

There is also no need to constantly replace the litter because you are advised to do the activity at least once a month. The automatic cat litter box also guarantees that the cat's waste would not produce unwanted smell that may spoil the ventilation of the house. You can also be able to travel for a few days without worrying that the cat would create too much waste once you're gone.

Other than that, the convenience brought about by the machine makes it far better than the traditional version. So if you are bout to make that investment, do not hesitate to buy the automatic self cleaning litter box. You will surely like it. And your cat will, too.
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