Why Own an Automatic Cat Litter Box?

Why Own an Automatic Cat Litter Box?

Cat owners are always looking for ways to enhance the methods used to make life more comfortable for their pets. In the case of an automatic cat litter box, there is the chance to make things easier for both pet and owner. Here are a couple of ways that the automatic litter box for cats can be a good thing.

Just as the name implies, the litter box has a feature that automatically takes care of depositing your cat's waste in a compartment or tray where it is effectively out of sight and out of mind. Most of these automatic trays do not resemble your typical litter box so much as an open-ended tray that sits on top of a rectangular cardboard box. Also, these automatic boxes do not use standard cat litter. Instead they rely on selica gel crystals, which resemble the filler most people use in the bottom of an aquarium. The crystals do not clump but they do absorb the moisture and allow it to evaporate, which helps to keep the odor down.

So what makes this automatic cat litter box automatic? A comb is activated when sensors pick up the fact that the cat has just used the litter box. The comb then moves across the surface, effectively pushing the waste into the cardboard storage section. The result is a clean looking litter box that your fussy cat will use again with no problem.

For people that work long hours and don't want to come home to a dirty litter box, this automatic cat litter box is a great thing. Also, anyone who is going to be away for a few days need not worry about the cat box at all. You can get up to thirty days usage before you need to replace the cardboard tray. If you love your cats but hate to clean the litter box, this solution will certainly make life easier for both of you.

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