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Petree Thick Waste Bag
Thick AAA+ 3Roll/BoxThick AAA+ 6Roll/Box

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These ultra thick waste bags are specially designed for Petree Litter Box non-WiFi and WiFi version. Not for the 2.0 Petree Litter Box. If you are looking for 2.0 waste bags, find it here.

We recommend changing the waste bags once a week for one cat, twice a week for two cats, and so on.

Petree Waste Bags come in 3rolls/box  (60 bags total).

Each Size: 65*65*61cm

Notice: This product will be shipped separately with Litter box, normally delayed for a few days. But don't worry and you will definitely receive it soon.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Reynolds
Petree is the BOMB!!

I so love the Petree litter box. This makes the whole cat waste issue easy and painless. The Waste Bags are fully functional & strong. No accidents.

Linda Coil

This was a Christmas gift. Have not ssn it in action yet

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Ming Zhao
it is working well!

i used it for 5 weeks now, so fa so good!
it has quiet sounds when clean the litter.
accept any kinds of clumped litter.
cats like it.
customer service is good, promptly responded if you have any questions.
trash bag is in back so not very convenient to open and close.

in general, it is a good litter box, i recommended it.

Debra Emery
Best Investment I've made in awhile

Kitties took to it the first day. Easy set up and use. Bags sturdy and block the odor beautifully. Changing every 3 days with 2 cats


Petree Thick Waste Bag

Jean Pierro
Petree Thick Waste Bags

The Petree Thick Waste Bags are worth the money as far as keeping the odor contained. I have 2 cats using the Petree Litter Box and when its time to replace the bag I removed the used one, tie it in a not and there isn't any odor. They are thicker than normal bags which prevents them from tearing and keeps the unwanted smell out. I highly recommend you use them.

Waste bags work well

These bags work well and can take a beating. Love the whole set up.

Tricia Wood
Litter box and bags

We love the easy clean up!

Petree Thick Waste Bag