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Petree Thick Waste Bag
Thick AAA+ 3Roll/BoxThick AAA+ 6Roll/Box

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These ultra thick waste bags are specially designed for Petree Litter Box.

We recommend changing the waste bags once a week for one cat, twice a week for two cats, and so on.

Petree Waste Bags come in 3rolls/box  (60 bags total).

Each Size: 65*65*61cm

Notice: This product will be shipped separately with Litter box, normally delayed for a few days. But don't worry and you will definitely receive it soon.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura Wepman

Petree Thick Waste Bag

Jean Pierro
Petree Thick Waste Bags

The Petree Thick Waste Bags are worth the money as far as keeping the odor contained. I have 2 cats using the Petree Litter Box and when its time to replace the bag I removed the used one, tie it in a not and there isn't any odor. They are thicker than normal bags which prevents them from tearing and keeps the unwanted smell out. I highly recommend you use them.

Waste bags work well

These bags work well and can take a beating. Love the whole set up.

Tricia Wood
Litter box and bags

We love the easy clean up!

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