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Petree Cat Litter Box Curtain
Blue Fish Dark for Petree 1.0(wifi/non-wifi)Strawberry Light for Petree 2.0Blue-fish Light for Petree 1.0(wifi/non-wifi)

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  • Brand: Petree
  • Product Name: Petree Litter Box Curtain
  • Material: Linen and Cotton
  • Size: 200*285mm
  • Colors: Multi-color

This cat litter box curtain is specially designed for Petree Litter Box. It is deodorant, dustproof, removable and washable. The fabric is imported from Japan. The Velcro on the back make the curtain stick stronger. Not only beautiful, but also can isolate the smell.


Notice: This product will be shipped separately with Litter box, normally delayed for a few days. But don't worry and you will definitely receive it soon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jennifer Whaley
Petrie curtain

I love it!! It gives the cats privacy as well as keeping it closed.

Mary Reynolds
no more scooping!

I remodeled my kitchen and did not want the mess and smell of a litter box. I purchased the Petee Cat Litter Box along w/accessories including the Curtain. The curtain is durable, attractive and attaches to the Litter Box opening easily & securely. A good enhancement to the base product.

Cute Litter Box Curtain

It’s a good quality liner curtain and does cut down in dust and odor but one side kept coming off. The sticky Velcro stuff didn’t stick too well and one of my cats was messing with it. He has since stopped and I was able to fix it with more 3m tape. Think it would be better if they clipped on or fastened somehow more securely but for now, they’re up.

Heidi Scott-Hager
Love!!! Saved my back!

Get one...!!! It’s the best purchase ever! You’ll only be sorry you didn’t get one sooner!

beautiful and useful

it blocks the leaking litter and the smell. also it looks very pretty and stylish

christine daratany
Best automatic litter box but still having issues

Still waiting for the curtain to hopefully block one of my cats from pulling the litter out of it. I have to change it once a day with three cats. Haven’t figured out why it keeps stopping off center and could use some help with that. I had concerns that my cats would tear the rubber bottom with their claws, but they haven’t which is great. The max litter line rubbed off almost immediately so now I’m concern I might overfill or not have enough. Overall, the best automatic litter box I’ve used although it does has its quirks. Would like to get it re-centered.

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