Petree Litter Box Refurbished

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Dana Gilligan
love it, Love it, would buy another if you had any more

Great cat litter box, My cats prefer it

Çhristine LaRock
Life just got better

This automatic litter box is my saving grace. From the ease of set up to the easy of keeping the cats happy and clean makes this box worth every penny. I do check it about every four days with 3 cats to make sure there is enough litter which is when I change the bag but it is hardly full. Previously I'd have 2 cat boxes each would have to be scooped out by me daily or the cats wouldn't use it. I am gone for work 10 plus hours a day so cleaning the box was sometimes not done until the following day and by that time the house would smell. I'm also a person that has extreme back pain so this box also saves on the pain I would experience everyday or every other. I've had cats all my life and should have done this before now. Thank you Petree.

Jessica Neagle
It’s a miracle!

Thank you so much I have been buying multiple cat boxes over the past four years and I think I bought almost every single self cleaning box this is finally the right one not only does it work really well I mean really well like the function it’s so simple to use it’s also finally shaved around so my cat can P a pie like he likes you know the other boxes are all flat are not high enough anyways this is a miracle thank you my cats happy I’m happy don’t worry about cleaning litter again get this box

Oswaldo Rivera

Petree Litter Box Refurbished

Great product & Customer Service

I had a great experience with Petree Litter Box Refurbished. My cat loves the auto-litter box!!!! When I contacted them regarding an issue, they provided me with excellent customer service and a resolution. Great product!