3 Reasons Why You Should Own An Automatic Cleaning Litter Box

An Automatic Cleaning Litter Box is a wonderful gadget to have if you own an indoor cat or if you live in a multi-cat household. These units scoop and clean on their own, with minimal effort on your part. This greatly simplifies the management of your kitty’s waste and is a perfect choice for super-busy pet parents and those with poor joint mobility. If you’ve never thought about owning an Automatic Cleaning Litter Box, here are 3 reasons you may change your mind:

1. An automatic cat box saves time

Feline friends make great pets for busy homeowners. Why? These animals are highly independent and can handle being on their own for extended periods of time—most of them, anyway.

But if you’re traveling, slammed with work, coming home late, or running in and out of the house between work and family commitments, then cleaning out the litter box is probably the last thing on your mind.

With auto litter boxes, you’ll deal with way less hassle and mess, which can save you valuable time every week. It’s like a “set it and forget it” way to keep you and your feline friend happy.

2. An electric litter box is good for hygiene
Having a box that cleans itself can help keep your cat cleaner, too. No more “Oh shoot” moments when you realize you forgot to empty out the cat’s litter box again!

3. Using an automatic kitty litter box is a great way to pamper your furry friend!
Many pet parents have resorted to teaching their feline friends how to use the actual toilet. But this can be a pretty frightening for most cats—and a frustrating process for most pet parents!

A worthwhile reminder: aside from the obvious challenges of “potty training” your kitty, felines also have a natural instinct to bury their waste. “Forcing” your cat to use the potty can actually deprive her of this inherent act.

If you think your furry friend will have a hard time adjusting to a new box, you don’t have to write off an auto box as an option yet. The best products which come with auto-cleaning capabilities are cozy and comfortable for your kitty. With time, she may very well love her new potty!

Admit it: your pampered kitty acts like a cute little queen. Doesn’t she deserve a clean and luxurious “throne”? Let her relieve herself as nature intended in a private, stylish, state-of-the-art console that will fit subtly into your decor.

No matter what reason you have for wanting to cut down on your time managing your feline’s indoor potty, an Automatic Cleaning Litter Box can be the answer to all your needs!

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