Things to Consider Before You Buy a Self-Cleaning Cat Little Box

How many pets do you have? If you live in a multi-cat home, a box that cleans itself can save you a ton of time! To purchase the right Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Little Box for your budget and your kitty’s needs, consider the following things when evaluating the options.

1. Scooping time
When it comes to pet chores, how important is convenience? Understandably, a self scooping litter box tends to be a little pricier compared to traditional models. But many users agree that the amount of hassle and, well, yuckiness, that can be avoided with a self-cleaning cat little box is far worth the investment. Most self cleaning litter boxes are equipped with a “scooping” sensor that is activated several minutes after the cat has left the box. If you’re fine with a simple mechanism that does this on its own terms, there’s no need for paying extra – pre-programmed units are simple but do the job well. If you want your unit to be able to almost immediately scoop after your kitty has finished their business, you’ll need a box with an adjustable timer.

2. Waste bin
Some models flush the waste on their own, others dispose of it in a waste unit that you have to empty later. There’s no better or worse here, only what works better for you specifically. If you want a non-flushable model, pick a unit with a large waste bin so you don’t have to empty it every day.

3. Ease of cleaning
Even self-cleaning litter boxes need to be cleaned from time to time. Look for models that are easy to assemble and disassemble as they're easier to clean. It's good to know that the simpler models are typically easier to clean than the more advanced ones.

4. Litter type
Some boxes require special cat litter in order to work. It’s important to check if the box you plan to buy uses the litter your cat likes, because if it doesn’t, your kitty may not want to use it. However, this is not always the case - more often than not, all it takes for a cat to adjust to the new litter is time.

5. Price
Self-cleaning cat litter boxes, whether fully automatic or semi-automatic, greatly vary in price. Fully automatic ones, with fancy sensors and features, cost up to $600, while the simpler models can be found for about $40. If all you need is a simple self-scooping litter box, there’s no need to pay a lot of money.

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