3 Things You Should Never Do As a Cat Owner

3 Things You Should Never Do As a Cat Owner

If you are a cat owner, listen attentively. There are top three things that cat owners like you should never do:

1. Allow your Cat to Roam Around

This advice is the most controversial one on the list. In the US, many veterinarians and cat behavior experts believe that cats should be kept indoors. A large percentage of cat owners allow their cats to roam around (It is interesting to discover that in the UK, it is regarded as unusual to prevent cats from wandering and others would even go to the extent of saying it is abusive). Unfortunately, more than enough cats get poisoned, get hit by cars or they are attacked by dogs and coyotes, either by accident or on purpose. This means that you can possibly shorten the life of your cats when you allow them to roam freely.

The quality of a cat's indoor life can be complemented with enrichment tools when including toys, climbing trees and scratching walls in their indoor space or letting him play in areas that are protected with cat fencing as you watch out for potential predators. And scooping litter for your cats to keep clean everyday, or you can use an automatic self cleaning litter box. Enjoy the freedom of never having to scoop litter for your cats again.

2. Scare or Punish your Cat

The fastest way to destroy your relationship with your cat is by shouting at him, scaring him, hurting him or giving him a bad impression of you. In other words, punishment is not the solution to changing a cat's behavior, with the exception of one thing. You will be remembered as a horrible being he should stay away from. This just means that if you plan to get a cat, you can shape his behavior with the help of praises and treats. This is considered a health tip, since frightened cats are stressed, and stress is associated with a number of health problems. Cats like peaceful, predictable surroundings, with people who allow them to be cats. A happy, good-tempered cat is healthier and will make you happier as well.

3. Overfeed your Cat

You may think that veterinarians sound just like a broken record when they nag about the weight of their clients' pets. They admit it, and they are trying to convince their clients to stop overfeeding. When they give more food than required, this makes the lives of their pet miserable - and shortens them too. Vets have been trying hard to make pet owners understand this. They want to pull out their hair in frustration. Lots of overweight cats suffer from feline arthritis associated with their weight.

When cat owners cannot handle the care of their diabetes stricken pets, they ask their vet to perform euthanasia. They say they have tried everything, but the vets can help them find other solutions. The best way to counter this problem is to limit their food intake. Cats cannot open their canned foods, kibble bags or the refrigerator to get some leftovers. As a cat owner, you have the control over their food intake to maintain their good health. It is all up to you to use your authority.

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