House Cat Training - Litter Box Rules

House Cat Training - Litter Box Rules
In order to achieve successful house cat training you need to follow some specific rules concerning the cat's litter box. Cats do have a tendency to use a litter box. But you don't want your cat soiling the house right?
First you must make sure that the litter box is made of a washable material. Plastic would be fine. The sides of the box should be low enough for your cat to enter and high enough to contain the litter.

OK now let's point out some basic litter box rules for a successful house cat training:
  • Keep the box in a quiet and safe place but don't hide it! Your cat should able to find the litter box easily.
  • When you notice your cat using it's litter box give it some kind of reward afterwards. Keep rewarding the cat until you're sure it uses the litter box regularly.
  • Another effective house cat training method is to keep the litter box relatively clean. Do not over do it! Scoop the box daily and wash it weekly.
  • If your catch your cat accidentally soiling your house do not punish your pet. The punishing method will not work with cats. It will only make them afraid of you. Try to find out why your cat didn't make use of the litter box and try to figure out a solution. House cat training is not always easy.
  • Try not to change the brand of the litter. Cats do not like changes and may respond by soiling the house.
  • Try not to use scented litter as many cats hate that. They prefer their own odors inside and around the litter box.

If you follow the rules above and your cat is still soiling your house then maybe there's a medical problem affecting the animal's behavior. Maybe your cat is displaying some kind of aggression that needs to be treated as soon as possible. Try to clean the soiled area as good as you can to show the cat that that area should remain clean.

You can also consult a professional veterinarian or you can buy a house cat training book to get some answers on cat training.

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