3 Tips on How Can I Stop My Cat From Crying at Night

We've all heard that cats are supposed to be nocturnal creatures. So, it is not a big surprise as to why they pick our least favorite time of the day to be active. This certainly is no good for us as we have to get our rest during the night so we will be best prepared for work or school the next day. The need to find out how to stop your cat from crying at night has now become a major priority.

First, you may think that your kitty may be hungry. So, you leap out of bed and feed her one of her favorite foods as well as give her a small amount of milk. She just looks at you with a blank face and continues to cry.

Next, you go and check on her litter box to make sure that it is clean. Maybe this will stop her cries. But all is well in litter box land and she still has no plans to stop her crying.

So, now what are you to do? You really need your beauty sleep and your sweet kitty is keeping you awake much too late into the night. Here are a few tips that will help to get you cat to stop crying at night:

  • Play with your kitty about a half an hour before your bed time. This will help to tire her out and she will want to retire for the night when you do.
  • Ignore her cries as long as you can. By not showing any attention to your kitty while she is crying, this will help discourage this behavior. This is tough since many kitties cry for long periods of time before finally getting the hint to stop.
  • Squirt your kitty with a small water gun or water bottle when she cries. Most cats are not big fans of water. By squirting her when she cries, it will get her to think twice about what she is doing. Also, use this as a last resort. While this is not particularly an act of cruelty, it is probably not the nicest thing to do to your kitty.

If these tips did not solve your problem, there are other easy methods you can use to discourage this behavior.

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