Tips For Multiple Cat Home and Litter Box Solutions

Enjoy More Life and Less Worry In Your Multiple Cat Home:

Millions of Americans recognize the rewards of having cats. Our feline friends are social animals who provide stimulation, companionship and enrich our lives. In fact, according to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, 71 percent of all domestic felines in the U.S. reside in homes. While having multiple felines provides unlimited fulfillment, it also requires special care and commitment

Introducing new pet:

When introducing a new pet, initially isolate it in a separate room with its own food, water, litter box, and toys. This allows each one to gradually adjust to the scent and sounds of the other cats. Once a veterinarian has deemed felines healthy, limited interaction may occur.

Continue the gradual introduction by exchanging bedding between felines, and rubbing a cloth around one cat's mouth and leaving that cloth in the others space, or rubbing a cloth alternately on each cat. As they start to exhibit curiosity about each other, reward friendly behavior with treats and praise. At this point, short, supervised, direct interactions can begin.

Do not leave the felines together unsupervised:

Wait until several supervised interactions without aggression have occurred. The process of introducing a new feline may take several weeks. Older pets may need a quiet space away from kittens for an extended period of time. Friendly, well-socialized cats may adapt to each other rapidly.

Home Smelling Clean:

Having multiple cats does not mean odor problems for your home. Tidy Cats Scoop which is specially formulated to neutralize odors in multiple cat homes.

Reward Good Behavior:

Whether human or feline we all like to be recognized for good behavior. Provide extra love and treats to each of your cats as a deserving reward and the others will likely emulate the good behavior. Also be sure boxes are placed so that cats do not feel vulnerable when using them and can see what is going on around them.

Play Matchmaker:

Consider their personalities before introducing a new kitty. Quieter, more reclusive pets might prefer a mature adult cat as a companion.
Be Patient they like stability so an environmental or social change may have a pronounced effect on their behavior. They will adapt, but it may take some time so be supportive and patient.

Reduce Tension:

If your felines exhibit personality conflicts, you can reduce the tension between family felines by making sure each one has enough personal space and personal possessions to fulfill their needs. Allow an agitated or stressed feline to relax by himself in a quiet room.

Avoid Territory Conflicts:

Consider placing litter boxes in various locations throughout the house to avoid the exclusion of one to the others territory.

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