7 Ways to Stop Cat Litter Box Odor

Trying to deal with cat litter box odor can be very frustrating. It's especially embarrassing when you want to have friends and family over, but your house smells like a giant litter box. Luckily there are many steps you can take to control cat litter box odor.

1. Air Purifier

Many air purifiers can do a great job of removing smells from your home. Look for one that ionizes the air and has a charcoal filter for best results.

2. Scoop More Frequently

Try to scoop daily. Many people do not scoop their litter boxes often enough, which results in a build up of odors.

3. Replace All of the Litter

If scooping more frequently does not solve your problem, try and replace all of the litter. Often clumps of cat urine break apart and slide through your strainer which does not get rid of the smell at all.

4. Switch Brands

Try to find a good brand that is very good at clumping. This makes a huge difference in odor control. Try and experiment with several different brands because there is a big difference between them.

5. More Litter Pans

Add more litter pans so you have more litter absorbing the smells.

6. Clean around the Area

Litter dust settles around litter box areas and can carry orders with it. Be sure that you not only scoop the litter box itself, but also clean around the area.

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best absorbers of odor, that is why we use it in our refrigerators. It can also work for your cat litter box odor as well.

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