The Basic Steps In Cat Litter Box Training

You've got your new kitten and now it's time to start the toilet training, it's easier than you think. Even if traditionally cats are known to hate water they are in fact very clean animals. You might observe that if you have a pet cat they are licking themselves a million times a day to make sure that every single inch of their body is clean. It's for this reason that cats usually dig a little hole in the ground if taken outdoors to do their needs, and then carefully cover it and smell around until they are sure it is properly concealed.

A cats natural instinct is to do their needs outside, but a lot of people get a cat and keep them indoors most of the time, if not all the time. If this is the case then it is essential that you get yourself a litter box and then train your cat how to use it. Here are the tips to help you with this.

Cat Litter Box Training

When a cat arrives at its new home it is important that it is familiarised with it's new surroundings. This is known as house breaking and you must be patient in these first staged as the cat may be a little disorientated over the first few days. You will have to repeatedly take it to where its food and water bowl is and then to the litter box.

For successful cat litter box training, you must remember that cats need a couple of things just as humans do . . . guessed it yet? Well, privacy for one, cats get nervous or shy doing there job when there are passers by or when there are loud noises. They also need a clean environment, which may mean cleaning out the cat litter tray straight away for him/her to do it again.

You also need to get the right litter for the tray, this is down to a number of things, it is necessary for it to be odourless, or have a scent that your cat agrees with? Your cat litter box training will be unsuccessful very soon if your cat litter tray has a strong scent that your cat doesn't like as they do have a very developed sense of smell.

Taking Cat Litter Box Training to the Next Level

If what has been mentioned doesn't give any positive results, then you need to take your cat litter box training to the next level. It seems a little cruel but will reap its own rewards very quickly. Keep our cat confined in one space for a day where you will provide him ir her with food and water and when the time comes his or her cat litter tray, you must keep the cat near the tray until he/she uses it. If you repeat this procedure a couple of times then you will be successful.

Helpful Tip

Reward your cat when he or she uses the litter box, at least for the first few times and always ensure that you keep the litter box clean so your cat has no excuse to choose other locations for its needs.

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