8 Best Cat Water Fountains 2021 (Updated)

8 Best Cat Water Fountains 2021 (Updated)

For the uninitiated, a cat water fountain is basically a replacement water bowl for your cat. Cats like drinking moving water – it is an evolutionary thing, moving water is less likely to carry bacteria. Still standing water might be stagnant and can be off-putting as a result. Some cats don’t like drinking from bowls as it can interfere with sensitive whiskers.

If you have a cat who does not drink enough water (you can check by pinching the skin between their shoulder blades – if the skin remains tented kitty is dehydrated, if the skin returns to position naturally elastically kitty is fine) a cat water fountain could provide the temptation to get them drinking.

But how to find the best cat water fountain for your cat? 6 Tips You should Consider When Looking For The Best Cat Water Fountain.

1. Should the cat drinking fountain have a filter? Lots of the fountains on the market come with filters to clean water and then to trap hairs. These can help the pump to last longer. Strictly speaking, a filter is not necessary if you have a water filter jug at home. The water from that can suffice and regular cleaning should prevent the pump from clogging up on most models.

2. How big should the capacity be? It depends on the number of cats in the household, cats’ diet(dry food needs more water) and how long the cat will be left alone. Aim for a water capacity of one liter per cat per day and you won’t be far off having the correct capacity.

3. Bowl size or whisker interference – A longer fountain stream that allows the cat do drink without placing head in a bowl may be beneficial or a bowl with a larger flatter base to reduce whisker interference.

4. Speed of flow – Ideally you want as much choice as possible when it comes to flow speed on the pump of your fountain. Lower speeds should mean a quieter pump that also lasts longer. Additionally some cats may be nervous approaching a raging, boiling torrent for a drink…

5. Plastic, Ceramic or Stainless Steel – Fountains come made from all sorts of material and different materials have different properties and prices. Ceramic and stainless steel fountains are likely to be heavier than plastic fountains and less likely to acquire odor issues over time. They are easier to clean but initial costs are higher. A plastic fountain can be a good way to cheaply test your cat with a fountain and even a basic fountain should last years rather than months.

6. Cleaning – These items need regular cleaning to prevent the pumps from blocking and to keep the waterways clear and clean. It is wise to consider how easy it is to take apart and clean your fountain on a regular basis. Check owner reviews where you can because some models are really easy to clean and some are a pain.

Today we introduce the 8 Best Cat Water Fountains 2021.

1. Flower Cat Water Fountain (price:$24.99)

The Pros of this best Flower Cat Water Fountain

  • The Catit Flower Fountainhas a fresh, unique design that allows up to 3 different water flow settings to appeal to picky drinkers.
  • Can hold up to 3L in the cat water bowl.
  • Includes triple action, softening cat water filter and small energy-efficient pump with power cord (if an extension cord is necessary, connection must be watertight and dust proof); made of BPA-free materials
  • Ergonomic design matches the Catit Multi Feeder; combine the cat water fountain and cat feeder to create a cat feeding station for a complete dining experience

One of the best cat water fountains if you have multiple cats and don’t want to spend big money.

The Cons you should notice:

  • The filter grew mold quickly and easily, The filters have to be changed out every month(3-4/wks), that cost $12 for a 2 pack, $72 a year, for a $20-$30 piece of equipment.

2. Petree Intelligent Cat Water Dispenser (price:$59.95)

The Pros of this best Petree Intelligent Cat Water Dispenser

  • *Drink healthy living water to make pets fall in love with drinking water:
Studies have shown that consuming too little water increases the risk of urinary problems in cats.
  • *Soften water, avoid hard water, and keep pets away from urinary stones:
Excessive calcium and ions in water become the main culprit of pet urinary problems such as urinary stones, multi-layer filtration, softening water quality, effective prevention of pet urinary system.
  • *Four-layer deep filtration, high-quality filter element:
-Full 360-degree purification to make the water sweeter.
  • *Self-developed hair filter to block hair and foreign body:
Adopt Edible Silica Gel material, effectively filter hair, prevent pollution filter core convenient to clean up the ign body.
  • *Waterproof protection:
-The body can be washed directly, cleaning is more convenient
-The socket can be washed directly and the safety is guaranteed
  • *The top floor is filled with water and the bowl is sloped:
Large curved bowl body design, easy to pet drinking water, running water does not leave dirt, effectively wash away floating hair and dust impurities, tilt angle more convenient pet drinking.
  • *Mute Operation:

The interior walls are designed with 14 silencing channels that operate at low decibels and do not disturb you at all times.

  • *Protection against dry heating:
Protection against immediate power failure due to induction of water shortage.
  • *Huge capacity, no need to worry about on business:

1.8 l large capacity, avoid frequent refilling and don't worry about traveling.

  • Product Color: White / Green / Pink 
  • Product Size: 190*190*160 mm 
  • Outer Package Size: 214*214*170 mm 
  • Capacity: 1.8L 
  • Net Weight: 0.9KG 
  • Including Package Weight: 1.2KG

Both cats and dogs can use it.

  • Q: How often does the filter element need to be replaced?

A: The filter element is recommended to be replaced once a month

  • Q: Can cats/dogs be used even they are very small?

A: Pets with a height of more than 16cm can be used. If the body is too small, a foot pad can be placed in front of the water dispenser.

  • Q: Does this Cat Water fountain leak electricity?

A: The Petree water dispenser uses a professional-grade anti-bite power cord, which effectively prevents pets from biting. In addition, the power supply comes with a transformer, and the interface is converted to a safe voltage of 12V, which will not cause danger in case of bite damage.

  • Q: Is there a requirement for what water to use? Is tap water okay?

A: You can use tap water or drinking water.

  • Q: How many days is enough for the cat to drink if it is filled with water?

A: If one cat drinks, it can last about 7-10 days

3. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Water Fountain(price: $47.95)

The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Water Fountain is ideal for multi-pet households due to its large water capacity of 168 oz. It features a free-falling stream that encourages pets to drink more water. The fountain includes a replaceable carbon filter that removes the odors and gives the water a fresh, pleasant taste. 

  • Large water capacity: 168 ounce water capacity is great for pets of all sizes or multiple pets
  • Encourages drinking: Free-falling stream entices pets to drink more water
  • Filtered water: Includes replaceable carbon water filter that removes bad tastes and odors, keeping water fresh
  • Less refills: Built-in reservoir increases capacity and extends time between refilling your fountain
  • Adjustable stream: The pumps adjustable flow allows you to customize the water flow for your pet
  • Easy-to-clean: Fountain is BPA-free and top-shelf dishwasher safe

Notice: HOWEVER, lots of owners find it hard to keep this fountain clean. It is not the visible design that is the problem – it is the fiddly interior parts. Owners report this machine needs a clean up once a week or things can get slimy. The major components can go in a dishwasher but pumps and pipes need cleaning out thoroughly.

Alex said: We bought this and the cats loved it, the problem is that it builds up a bacterial slime on every part and it has to be taken apart and washed every week. This is a half hour process leaning over the tub, trying to clean the motor out with the little brushes that are sold for it. We have tried multiple times to run it through the dishwasher but it does not clean all of the scum off this as it can not go onto the hottest setting which is the only thing that would work but that would melt or cause the plastic to get brittle.

4. Cat Mate Pet Water Fountain(price:$27.95)

If I was buying for one cat and didn’t want to spend top dollar, this is one of the best cat water fountains that you could choose. The drinking options really seem to attract cats to drink from it and on balance it seems to be quiet and easy to clean – at the right price.

  • Multi-Height drinking stations
  • Ramp reduces water splashing
  • I.P.S. (Isolated Pump System) for super-quiet operation
  • Polymer-carbon filter for water purification (replacement cartridges available

The replaceable polymer/activated carbon filter cartridge (one included) keeps the water clear, fresh and free from odors, just the way your pet likes it. Pet Mate recommend that the cartridge should be replaced monthly, or sooner if required.

The pump’s output is easily adjustable and the gentle flow is directed down an inclined water ramp to eliminate splashing and reduce water loss. The pump has a low voltage power supply for safety and is provided with a 10 foot power cord for ease of placement. And with a low power consumption of just 2 Watts, you won’t even notice it on your electricity bill.

Maintenance is simple as the bowls are dishwasher safe and the replacement cartridge easily slides into position. Only use Cat Mate branded filter cartridges to prolong the life of your pump. The pump should also be disassembled (no tools required) and cleaned every few weeks (or more frequently in hard water areas) to prevent limescale build-up. Full easy to follow instructions on how to do this are included with the fountain.

The Cat Mate Fountain has a three year manufacturer’s guarantee and the replaceable pump has a one year guarantee.

Autumn's review: Overall good product but not worth the money at all the plug could have easily caught the house on fire had I left it plugged in. Do yourself a favor and get one that's a little more expensive. If your like me and you have kids in the house you'll really want to avoid the potential firehazard this cord brings.

5. Petmate Replendish Gravity Water Fountain ($10.95)

The Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer w/Microban offers continuous flow of fresh water for your kitty at a fairly affordable price of $11. It features gravity flow technology that makes the water pure and fresh and it prolongs time between refills. The fountain also features Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection that helps prevent the growth of bacteria that cause odor and stains in the base. It includes one charcoal filter, while replacement filters can be purchased separately.

  • Gravity flow technology
  • Extended time between refills
  • Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the base
  • One charcoal filter
  • Available in capacities ranging from 0.5 gallon to 4 gallons
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • 1.) while it is silent to appease fussy humans, my kitties are attracted to the SOUND of trickling water, so without that, even after 4 days, they barely paid it any attention. We tried to entice them to check it out, but they just weren't interested, and we have 3 very different kitties.
  • 2.) the pump began to make an annoying noise within 48 hours
  • 3.) after seeing so many reviews wherein the filter grew mold quickly, we checked every night and by day 4 noticed black mold in the bottom corners of the water reservoir? We have two static water bowls out for the kitties and have never once seen mold or mildew accumulate, even if left for a couple of days before rinsing. No idea why that's happening inside of this fountain, maybe because it's enclosed water?

6. iPettie Kamino LED Light Pet Water Fountain ($34.99)

  • Healthy from Inside and Out: Kamino fountains are made of BPA free and eco-friendly material, with dual filtration system to prevent pet’s hair and other debris plus removing bad odors and tastes, ensuring the water quality.
  • Brilliant LED Light: LED glow in the dark can not only act as great home decor, but can prevent from being kicked at night.
  • Energy-saving and Whisper-quiet Operation: Kamino fountain runs with 1.5W low power consumption and the low-noise pump never scares your pets, nor bother you and other furry friends.
  • Large Capacity: With 3L / 101oz capacity, an adult cat or dog can drink water from our Kamino fountain for 2 days or above. You will be free from frequent water refilling and no need to worry about the water shortage of your pets.

Product Specification

  • Material: BPA Free ABS
  • Water Capacity: 3L / 101 oz
  • Size: 8.7 in (L) x 8.5 in (W) x 6.1 in (H) / 22 cm (L) x 21.5 cm (W) x 15.5 (H)
  • Weight: 2.2lb / 1kg
  • Power Plug: UL Certificated
  • Pump: Ultra Low Noise Water Proof AC pump
  • Input Voltage: AC 110V / 60HZ
  • Output Voltage: AC 12V
  • Power Consumption: 1.5W


It will be very quiet at first, but after a few weeks there will be a lot of noise. I think the noise is a big problem. view amazon reviews

7. Stainless Steel Dog & Cat Water Fountain($89.99)

Ideal For Multi-Pet Family - The cat water fountains holds 67oz/2L large water tank that provide your cats and/or dogs with a constant supply of clean, filtered water. Ideal for all sorts of small pets when their owner is on a small trip.

Compared to plastic pet drinking fountains, this water fountain is made of imported total 304 stainless materials that are easier to maintain scratch-resistant. The locking lid design avoids tipping over and isolates messes for a hygienic drinking.


  • stainless is easy to clean
  • halves fit well
  • cats like it
  • not pet safe. pets can not get to water below due to design.
  • filter clogs frequently
  • noisy when water gets lower (pro that this reminds you to refill?)
  • Filter housing is hard to open and broke on 3rd filter replacement

8. PetSafe Ceramic Cat Water Fountain Dispenser($75)

The Ceramic Avalon Fountain utilizes a square porcelain design to conveniently fit into any corner of your home. The fountain also adds oxygen to the water through its dual patented free-falling streams to keep the water as fresh as possible. The fountain functions using a 12-V system with a pump that is submersible for silent operation. To clean it, simply remove the pump and place the fountain in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean. The charcoal filter is replaceable to ensure that your fountain’s water stays clean. 


  • Ceramic - but not really
  • Interesting shape
  • Prior experience with Drinkwell products


  • Sold as a ceramic fountain but laced with a plastic pump, plastic housing for the filter, plastic casing around the filter, foam/plastic ring around pump, etc, etc, etc. If your aim is to not have plastic leaching into your pets water, this is a failure
  • NOISE! -- Not only did the pump on this unit vibrate the ceramic pieces, but the water cascading into the bowl from the pagoda was not what we considered to be an appealing 'water feature'. You could hear this combo halfway through the house.
  • Price: $80 for all the plastic fittings, a $2 pump made offshore, and then having to buy replacement filters and foam fittings monthly makes this severely uneconomical.

If you’re looking for the best Cat Water Fountains, then you’re in the right place! To save you having to do all the research in what limited spare time you have, I’ve done it for you. Take a look at these 8 reviews to find the best cat water fountain around. Hope it helpful!

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