Buying the Right Litter Box For Your Cat

Everyone knows that a litter box is an essential item for any cat owner but little is known of the fact that your choice of a litter box can affect your cat's behavior towards the use of its kitty box. Choose one that is not to your cat's liking and you end up seeing your kitty avoiding the use of it totally. It may choose to pee and poo everywhere else except in its kitty box.

There are many different types of cat box available. They come in various sizes and designs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your kitty litter box.

1 Hood or Unhooded.

There are certain pros and cons in using either one and it very much depends on your cats personality. The hooded ones are good for timid cats whereby it provides some privacy for them. It's also neater and keeps litter tracking to a minimum. However, the dust and odor trapped within the covered box may be offensive to some cats.

The unhooded box, on the other hand provides more space for the cat to stand and turn around freely. And this is definitely a better choice for very young and older cats since they are more accessible.

2 Size of the Litter box

The sizeof your kitty box is very important. It is very common for people to pick out a litter box that is too small. The bigger the box, the more inviting it will be to your cat. The more inviting the kitty box is to the cat, the more apt he will be to use it. So, always pick the largest box that your living space can accommodate.

3 Depth of the Litter Box

Too high a depth may deter you young kittens or old cat with arthritis from using it. Too shallow a box may end up having the cat litter being disperse all over when your cat scratches the litter. So choose a shallow depth box (about 3 inches) for kittens and keep the deeper varieties for your adult cats (6 inches)

4 Material Type

Cats don't seem to have much of a preference on the material type. They adapt pretty well on plastic as well as metallic boxes. The plastic ones are usually cheaper and they are easier to handle and cleaned. However, plastic tend to take up the urine odor permanently after some time and no amount of washing can remove the smell. So more replacement may be necessary.

Beside the litter box, your cat can also be very picky about the litter type and may stop using the litter box if she dislikes the litter that you selected for her.

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