How to Prevent Cat Litter Box Problems

Cats are undoubtedly one of the most popular pets and anyone that has one knows that a cat litter box is probably the least attractive thing about your pet.

Cats are known to be finicky about food but the can also where they "do their business". Thankfully, most cats will use their litter box religiously if it is kept clean and they are introduced to it properly.

Through the years, specialty pet supplies firms have developed the cat litter box. The principal aim of the cat litter box is to provide the cat with convenient and hygienic restroom where it should urinate and excrete stool.

The cat litter box

The cat litter box, for many years already, has been providing great comfort to the cat and to the pet owner alike. For the cat's part, the simple and cute furniture will eliminate the need to search further for a place to do its elimination rituals.

For the part of the owner, unwanted urine and stool in the most unexpected places of the house will be prevented. Thus, the cat litter box makes up for a good symbiotic relationship between the cat and its owner.

There are numerous types of cat litter boxes sold in the market currently. Through the years, manufacturers have been modifying the type of litter they put into the litter box. The preference of the cat, according to experiences and observations, has been the topmost consideration when one decides what type of litter they put into the cat litter box.

Preventing cat litter box problems

Inevitably, cat litter box problems can not always be avoided. By instinct, cats are very hygienic and will find a safe and discreet place for their bathroom activities. You must probably have observed that even without training, cats dig for a place where they would eliminate, and after they are done, they dig further to cover the urine and the stool. For them, they need to cover their waste for protective reasons so that predators will not be alerted to their whereabouts.

Basically, if you have just bought a cat litter box, all you need to do is to place the bo in an accessible place of the house. Do not put the cat litter box in places where the cat will not like it. Pet owners usually have cat litter problems if their litter boxes are placed in the basement, in the attic, in the garage or in anyplace not easily accessible.

Buying the right and preferred cat litter box will also be necessary. In the past, cat litter boxes with clay litters had become popular but experiences of cat owners indicate that cats do not prefer clay a litter substrates.

Buy cat litter boxes that are containing littering materials that are as fine as sand. This would facilitate for easy digging. Also, make sure the litter is at least two inches deep. Deeper than that, the cat will only have the perception that it is just a trap.

Because the market is almost saturated with different types of cat litter boxes, make sure you invest in one that will surely be of great use. Make sure the furniture is big and tall enough so the cat will be comfortable using it.

There are covered and uncovered cat litter boxes. The cat's preference will be the basis for choosing between the two. Normally, cats prefer the open space one, but there are also some that are more comfortable in the covered cat litter boxes.

To help avoid potential problems, make sure to clean the cat litter box regularly. It is not imperative to clean the furniture daily, but you could just scoop out the stool and urine every other day. If you do so, you need to change the litter substrate every three weeks.

Bear in mind that like you, cats want their restrooms to be as clean and as comfortable as possible. Buying and maintaining cat litter boxes will be greatly beneficial, and would surely help keep that harmonious relationship between you and your pet.

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