Tips And Warnings On Cat Litter Boxes

Training your cat to use the cat litter box is very important. This is because the last thing you would want to step on while walking around your compound is cat droppings. To make sure that does not happen, a few tips and warnings have been put in place for you:

Tips And Warnings On Cat Litter Boxes


  • Do not flash litter down your toilet to avoid causing harm to the sources of the fresh water. For litter that can be scooped, you ought to do it. This is because you have the option of not changing it and scooping the clumps instead.
  • Deodorized litter is not commendable. If you find some smell in the box, especially after being cleaned, then baking soda might do the trick.
  • The liner placed in the box should be secure so that the cat's nails do not catch the plastic when digging in.
  • There are areas to avoid when it comes to placing the box where the cat can easily access it. Basements and noisy laundry rooms are out since the cat does not like noise. A bathroom could come in handy in this case. In addition to this, consider having more than one for each floor. This is because some cats do not find it fun going up and down the staircase.
  • Cats are different and some of them have not received training before. Therefore, if you took in your cat at a tender age without the knowledge of a litter box, confine this cat to a bathroom or an equally smaller room when you are not there to supervise.


  • If you have more than one cat, you will need more litter boxes. This is because most cats will not go to one that has had a cat going there already. It also allows you to have an extra one in case you are cleaning. But Self Cleaning Litter Box can help you, self cleaning litter box has a distinctive advantage for owners owning multiple cats.
  • Open boxes are more appropriate because not all cats like boxes that are covered. Do not scoop them with clay. Some kitties could end up eating it. This is harmful because it ends up clumping in stomachs. This could result to death. Litter scoop contains natural ingredients and does not harm the cat in any way.
  • Physical punishment instills fear in the cat and therefore not recommended. Redirecting the cats to the litter box is more appropriate. Remember the cat is not human, and does not know what pleases you. If the cat does not use the litter box on several occasions, then consult your vet for further examination. Do not use boxes that are too large or too small.

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