Own a Cat? You Need Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Automatic cat litter boxes or the self-cleaning boxes save you from the hassle of cleaning out the litter pan each day. These are of a great help of all the cat owners. As the automatic cat litter boxes are new in the market, you won't find many manufacturers or different varieties to choose from. But the fact remains that this box is a great product that helps you get rid of the smell of your cats excretion and also reducing the manual labour required.

As mentioned above, there aren't many brands. Nevertheless, here are few brands that you may want to consider: CatGenie, Scoop Free, Litter Rabot etc. With most models the only manual work that you need to do is to change the waste receptacle once per week (if you have one average size cat). Your cats waste is automatically raked into a seal able container 10 minutes after use. In addition, a safety bar automatically stops the cleaning rake at the slightest touch. These 2 features ensure that no harm is done to your cat or anyone else.

Generally the amount of litter needed by automatic cat litter boxes is lower than that by standard litter trays of the same size. Most models have a dual operating power method that is they can be plugged into an outlet or operated by batteries.

Expectedly, the price of these boxes is higher than for standard trays. While you are thinking of buying an automatic cat litter box, you also need to keep in mind that you will have to train your cat to use it properly. Here is a step by step guide that can be handy to you in doing so:

  • Place the litter box in a quiet area. This is because the cats like to go to the toilet in privacy.
  • Encourage your cat to walk into the box, once in praise. There is no need to make your cat go to the toilet. Just get him/her in there and praise, so that he/she is encouraged to do this always.
  • If the cat does to the toilet and doesn't use the litter box, you may pick up the excrement and put it into the litter box. You may have to do this for the initial few days and eventually your cat will learn. Remember not to get angry at the cat and be patient during the process.

Most cat owners who have tried self cleaning boxes are very pleased with them. Some owners however, find that their cats just can't get on them. Automatic cat litter boxes are not super quiet and sometime would be required to get used to it.

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes have improved vastly over the last few years and have developed a really great product for an affordable price. Petree Litter Box is a professional brand of Automatic Cat Litter Box. Petree Litter Box is the highest-rated, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. It can greatly simplify the management of your kitty’s bathroom habits, saving you time and effort from daily scooping. Petree Litter Box offers the Automatic Cat Litter Box online at lowest price and free shipping.

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