The Self Cleaning Litter Box Will Be Your Best Investment

If you are still not convinced that self cleaning litter boxes rule the earth then listen good, these boxes are a real necessity for cat lovers because they help to lighten your work load big time, yes, big time. They also reduce your stress levels and can keep you from fretting over your little fur kid while you are away on that trip.

I have just recently come to realize that they are a must have for a cat loving household and can ultimately replace the necessity for friends. Okay, not really.. but they come darn close to your new best friend.

Picture it, you have a family emergency and have to leave town all of a sudden. Who will watch your cats and make sure their litter box is clean? If you have more than one, then you know that the litter box duty is no easy job and not for the faint of heart.

No, not everyone can do it. You may have that special friend who just loves cats and will not mind stopping in every once in awhile to check in with them, but what if they are not available?

Heck, what if you do not have any friends? Sorry, you are out of luck buddy. Okay, just kidding. I prefer imaginary friends myself.

You could always hire a cat sitter, but that would be pricey to check in on your cat every day. You have to think about whether you trust them, are you comfortable with a stranger in your home and if your cats will like them.

So what will you do then when you do not want to hire a sitter? The self cleaning litter box can do it all for you, including dusting your shelves and doing your dishes.....

Well, not those last two things but at least it can manage to keep your cat's litter box clean and spiffy until you get back home.

The best time to start your search for the perfect box is right now. Look online at reviews, go into the pet shops to compare prices and really consider what kind of investment the box is.

Yes, sometimes their prices might make you want to cry, but they really make up for it by effectively replacing you when you cannot be there. Does that sound nice? Would you like to have a twin you to do most of the dirty work? Sure you do!

When purchasing a box, you need to think about exactly what you are getting. Many of the boxes may require special litter, replacement cartridges, receptacles or other special doodads. If you buy, you need to get ready for those extra costs and find out how often (if needed) that stuff needs to be replaced.

An self cleaning litter box is an investment, but many cat lovers agree that it was one of the best investments they ever made.

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