Are Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth it?

Many times an owner will forget or do not want to clean the litter box which for cats need it done daily. What can make the task much easier for the lazy owner? One litter box that can fit and work for about any cat is an automated or automatic self cleaning cat litter box. 

Invest in one? Are Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth The Money?

Yes! It'll cost you some money (There are more than 10 automatic litter boxes on the market, with prices ranging from $80-$800. ) But it's worth it if you really detest cleaning a litter box or are just suffering from amnesia.

How does self cleaning litter box work?

  • Automatic self cleaning litter boxes rely on a power source to rake through your cat’s waste and dispose it into a waste bin based on a set time program. Your cat walks into the litter box, after poops or urinates, the litter box will automatically shovel the poop and collection the waste into waste bin for easy disposal.

The only thing you as the owner need to do is switch the used waste bag for a clean one. Do this at least every week. Simple!

Self cleaning litter box works great with multiple cats and reduces the workload which in turn allows you more time to play with your cats.

Set up

  • Very little set up is needed but you will need an electrical outlet or batteries to operate.

To cover or not to cover

  • They can come with covers for privacy which some cats may prefer but is not needed for effectiveness.

You need to consider before buying a self cleaning litter box:

  • First you should always know some information about your cat.

For instance if your cat scares extremely easy and is afraid of everything then stick to a regular litter box as the gears from the automated litter box may spook your feline to often. While the motors are not very loud now days it still could be enough to frighten a jittery litter bundle of joy into peeing in the corner of your home instead of in the litter box.

The next thing you should know is how old your cat is. If your cat is a tiny little kitten then don't use the self cleaning litter boxes. With a kitten you need little more than a small litter pan. If a kitten is to small they may become scared inside the litter box and not come out.

  • You'll want to know how large your cat is.

If you have a fatty for a cat then make sure you get the large size self cleaning litter box. If the litter box is to small your cat will end up spraying out of the box or maybe not even use the box at all which could end up being very bad.

The larger sizes are worth the money for about any cat over the age of one year old still. As the larger size boxes ensure enough growing room for your cat or cats. If you have multiple cats you may even consider using more than one litter box.

The biggest concern people have with buying a self cleaning litter box for their cat is price.

I tend to think of it this way; yes its a lot more expensive to get a self cleaning litter box for your cat. However that advantages are you only have to change the waste bag once a week and once you've bought one they last for quite a long time.

For me saving the extra time rather than hand scooping the litter box out daily is well worth the investment and typically only sets us back $300-$500 to begin with.

Don't buy anything in the 300 dollar range save your money and buy something in the low to mid 100 dollar range. The money you save will allow to buy that nice premium clumping litter you'll need to refill the litter box.

More details: How Much Does A Self Cleaning Litter Box Cost?

Are Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth it? The answer is obvious.

Here is a brief introduction to an automatic self cleaning litter box with the most cost-effective : Petree

Petree Self Cleaning Litter Box


1) it looks so cute and sleek
2) it’s very quiet & light
3) it tells the kitty’s weight
4) it doesn’t leak the smell at all
5) You can separate the globe from the motor bottom and can water clean it
6) it’s delivered as complete product so there’s no need of any installation
7) litter tray can hold any plastic bags
8) Offer free roll of bag and litter mat
9) litter box is always clean, don’t need to scoop at all
10) it has sleep mode so it won’t operate for 10 hours during your quiet time
11) it’s reasonably priced compared to other automatic litter boxes out there
12) it’s small enough to not interfere with home interior but still big enough for an average sized adult cat, It's also suitable for families with multiple cats.

There are also more options to choose from:

Litte Robot
Omega Paw

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