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Petree Automatic Self Cleaning 2.0 Cat Litter Box
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  • The Petree 2.0 is the 2022 latest self-cleaning automated cat litter box. Smaller size, better function.
  • Remote control with App, behavior data monitor, real-time notifications
  • Compatible with more types of cat litter, such as bentonite litter, tofu litter, mixed litter or any other clumping litters
  • One-touch litter dumping, easy to clean
  • 7 types of safety protection
  • Suitable for cats up to 8kg, kittens less than 4 months or 1kg are not recommended

Product Model:


Product Size:

52 x 52 x 64 cm



Connection Type:

2.4GHz WIFI + Bluetooth

Input Power: 


Drum Size:


What's Included

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ricky LaMaster
Works very well

I think this litter box has worked very well so far !


so far so good my smaller cats like it. Bigger cats don't. but still ok..

Betty D

Petree Automatic Self Cleaning 3.0 Cat Litter Box

Smaller size, Better function

Keeping the same large inside space, the new design of the Petree 2.0 takes only 0.25 square meters in the room, which encourages more apartment cat owners to try it out.

Work with all types of cat litter

The new Petree 2.0 box works with all types of cat litter including bentonite sand, tofu sand, mixed sand and ore sand.

WiFi enabled & App control:

The Petree 2.0 litter box is WiFi enabled and can be controlled through App. The App also records the use of the box, which allows you to see and track your cat's activities.

Easy to clean

Each part can be disassembled and clean completely, except the base.

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Why failed to connect the App?

If you can not connect the equipment with the App, you may check the follow:

1. Make sure the litter box is connected to an WiFi environment.

2. The device only supports 2.4GHz WiFi.

3. Keep pressing the host button for 3 seconds to ensure that it is in the status of network configuration.

Why does the box start running as soon as it is powered on?

The device will start the self-check program as soon as it is powered on. Your cat can start using it after the self-check program is completed.

Why does the ball cage suddenly stop rotating during operation? 

When the equipment is working, each sensor is monitoring. When any sensor detects that an object approaches or enters the ball compartment, it will immediately stop running, and will resume running after the safety time.

What should I do if the cat is unwilling to use the new litter box?

You can try place the box beside the old litter box for some time, and pour some cat litter from the previous box to the new Petree Litter Box. The familiar smell will help your cat get adapt to it faster.

Is it dangerous for cats to enter when the ball cage is rotating?

No worry! If a cat tries to enter the ball compartment when it is self-cleaning, the monitoring sensor will trigger it and stop running immediately. The box will resume cleaning process after the cat left for a certain time(Safety time). 

How many cats can use the Petree Litter Box?

We recommend 3-4 cats per Petree Litter Box. If you have one cat, you’ll clean the waste drawer once a week. If you have two cats, you’ll clean the waste every 3-4 days. If you have 3 cats, you’ll clean every 1-2 days.

Does the Petree Litter Box 2.0 require special litter?

No! The new Petree 2.0 litter box is equipped with our new patented sieve that allows all types of cat litter to go through, including bentonite sand, tofu sand, mixed sand and ore sand.

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